Creating a Schedule

Course Length:
47 minutes

A basic knowledge of Windows or Mac operating systems.

Provided Courseware:
Instructional PDF of covered features.

Course Objective:
This course details how to develop a structured planning stage for your project. You will learn how to define the project calendar, create a project outline, generate activity bars and define logic between activities through linking.

Course Outline:
  1. Navigating the User Interface: Learn about how to navigate the sleek new interface of FastTrack Schedule 10.2.
  2. Entering Data
    1. Project Start Date and Work Calendars: Learn how to set the Project Start Date and define Exceptions in your project work calendars.
    2. Project Outline: Learn how to effectively enter data and apply outline styles to your project.
    3. Creating Activity Bars: Learn how to estimate durations of tasks to create activity bars.
    4. Constraint Types: Learn how Constraints effect the behavior of the tasks in your project.
    5. Create Dependencies between Tasks: Learn how to apply and modify links to build relationships between tasks.
  3. Critical Path: Learn how the Critical Path is calculated in your project.
  4. Calendar View: Learn how to utilize the Calendar View to view the project details in a simple calendar form.
  5. Application Preferences: Learn how to apply preferences such as length of a day and duration units within your project.
  6. Password Protection: Learn how to apply passwords to projects to control access by additional users.