Fundamentals of FastTrack Schedule

Course Length:
2 hours

A basic knowledge of Windows and/or Mac operating systems.

Provided Courseware:
Instructional PDF of covered features, FastTrack Schedule training file.

Course Objective:
This course is for anyone who is interested in learning about FastTrack Schedule and the standard project management techniques needed to create a schedule quickly and effectively.

*Please note, the course will be taught on an operating system-neutral Classic Menu interface on Windows.

Course Outline:
  1. Navigating the New User Interface(1): Learn about the elegant new interface of the Mac version that's a perfect fit with the simplicity of the Mac OS X and the sleek new Ribbon interface of the Windows version complete with custom themes and the ability to switch to a traditional menu-based interface.
  2. Entering Data: Learn how to enter data effectively and apply outline level styles.
  3. Linking & Dependencies: Learn how to create dependencies among tasks and have your schedule work off of a Project Start Date using the Critical Path Method.
  4. Defining Columns: Learn how to build Columns and use Value Lists, Display and Font options, and Summaries to effectively display your information.
  5. Reporting (Layouts & Filters): Learn how to create and save different groupings of columns and switch between them quickly and easily. And search by column or date to effectively locate and report particular information in your schedule.
  6. Templates: Learn how to create templates for use on future similar projects.

(1) Depending on class mix, we will review one operating system or both.