"Exceptional" Properties Call for Exceptional Project Manager

FastTrack Schedule used to restore and preserve historic landmarks

The breathtaking Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, the exquisite Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee, the Baha'i House of Worship in Chicago all made beautiful with the help of The Armbruster Company and FastTrack Schedule.

The Armbruster Company, a consulting firm that provides project management services for the restoration and preservation of exceptional properties, is well known for their work with historic sites. The process of creating sophisticated and artistic restoration programs wouldn't be possible without FastTrack Schedule.

A Cut Above the Rest

In 25 years of using computer-generated project schedules, Bob Armbruster, company founder and president, has come to rely on FastTrack Schedule above all other applications. He's tested the competition, but none of them make the grade.

"Unfortunately, those programs generate reports that are cumbersome and deadening to team morale. They bury what is really important within overwhelming amounts of detail and give me little choice in what to present."

But Armbruster says he's found something different in FastTrack Schedule.

"Finally, I can easily and effectively use color, fonts, patterns, outlines, images, and notes to simplify the intricate details and let the important issues stand out. FastTrack Schedule gives me extra versatility with easy development of views, ranges, and filters."

The Ideal Tool for Teams

Teamwork is essential to the success of The Armbruster Company, where each project requires the input of a team of engineers, architects, contractors, and property staff. FastTrack Schedule is the link that keeps each group on track towards project completion.

"My team understands the schedules. FastTrack gives me tremendous flexibility to select and format just the right information for each member of the team. They digest the information more quickly, and we are able to have intelligent discussions about the options and impacts of alternatives. The team buys into the schedule more completely, and we move forward more rapidly."

Needless to say, Armbruster is pleased with the results he's seen with FastTrack Schedule.

"FastTrack Schedule puts us a big step ahead in our industry. Our clients have confidence in us."

And for The Armbruster Company, that's what keeps business coming.

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Customer Profile

The Armbruster Company
Glencoe, Illinois




Provide project teams with an easy-to-use, flexible, presentation-quality project management program


Employ FastTrack Schedule for building professional, customized project schedules that improve team collaboration and client communication


  • Easier to use, less cumbersome than other project managers
  • Customizable views, filters, and ranges simplify and pin-point key project details
  • Encourages teamwork and enhances productivity
  • Schedules boost communication with clients