FastTrack Schedule 10.2 is the leading easy-to-use project management software for planning, tracking, and reporting project goals. Ideal for both new and experienced project managers, FastTrack Schedule 10.2 Concurrent-Users Versions help teams effectively and successfully manage projects.

What’s the difference between the Concurrent-Users Version and the Single-User Version of FastTrack Schedule 10?

Perfect for Project Teams

FastTrack Schedule 10.2 Concurrent-Users Versions are scalable for all networks and project teams of various sizes. Available in 5, 10, and 25-User configurations, FastTrack Schedule 10.2 Concurrent-Users Versions provide all the key features of the popular desktop version plus many other time and cost saving benefits.

  • Reduced per user cost for medium to large project teams
  • Lower IT costs with a single installation and single point for updates
  • Scalability with built-in Key Code System for adding additional licenses
  • Global default templates for project teams
  • Locally stored user preferences
  • Concurrent-usage monitoring
  • Make FastTrack Schedule available to a larger volume of occasional users without the expense and administration of single-user licenses
  • Increased accuracy of license records for planning, purchasing, evaluation, and potential software audits

Network administrators can also establish a global default schedule and templates by capturing preferred settings for dates, data columns, layouts, filters, and sorts—even bar styles and milestones.

FastTrack Schedule's Concurrent-Users versions are also upwardly scalable. Our built-in Key Code System makes it easy to add additional licenses to your existing license simply by entering a new valid key code into the Users dialog—automatically unlocking additional licenses without having to reinstall the application.