Boost Your Project ROI - Introducing Scheduling Into Your Organization

This webcast took place on July 26, 2011.

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The Gantt chart is nearing its centennial celebration, yet despite its longevity, many organizations have yet to implement project scheduling within their day-to-day business operations. Recent market issues, however, have spurred many companies to adopt project scheduling in an effort to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Even in its simplest form, project scheduling provides immediate value to the organization. Introducing scheduling into an organization should be done so with care, as the concept has many layers of complexity and is often met with resistance. In our webcast, you'll learn about change management and the maturity approach for introducing scheduling into your organization – one that will minimize resistance and offer immediate and long-term benefits.

Learn how you can:

  • Communicate project benefits and get buy-in from key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Gain acceptance of the initiative from team members
  • Demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and correlate organizational improvements to the scheduling initiative
  • Improve operational efficiencies and overall staff project management capabilities

Duration: 25 min.

Watch the recorded Webcast >


Nicholas DeBenedetto
LeapPoint, LLC


Nicholas DeBenedetto, is a partner at LeapPoint. He holds certifications as a PMP & EVP (1 of 350 worldwide). His 12 years of program/project experience include management of large-scale engineering programs ($1.8B), IT portfolios ($130+M), and development of a training/consulting department.