Key Features

Details can track and report any type of information. There are, however, several key features, which make Details an ideal solution for managing project and status-oriented information.

Easy Setup

There are no tricky relationships or complex concepts to learn. Simply name your data field and select the type of data to be stored within it.

QuickStart Templates

A suite of 70 QuickStart Templates complete with preformatted fields, reports, and colorful forms, gets you up and running in no time.

Accurate Reporting

To create a report, just choose the fields you wish to display and set your search and sort criteria. You simply won’t need programming skills to generate a report—just point and click.

Custom Forms

Details’ suite of easy-to-use easy layout tools provides the means to create dynamic, intelligent forms complete with colorful graphics. With your own custom forms, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can capture, track, and route project details.

The Report Generator

The Generator monitors project data at all times. With the Generator on, records within reports are searched, sorted, and up-to-date. When the Generator’s off, you have complete control over records with the ability to hide, filter, or drag-and-drop records to create just the view you want.

Timeline Graphs

Details transforms project milestones and deadlines into colorful, presentation-quality timeline graphs. Viewing key dates in a timeline brings the “big picture” to light.

Submittal Logs

Whether sending or receiving proposals, submittals, designs, documents, or anything with an approval process, Details’ specialized Submittal Logs provide a built-in system for tracking the status of items as they pass through the business process.

Project Logs

Ideal for tracking project tasks, dates, and durations. When used in conjunction with Timeline Graphs, they’re a powerful scheduling tool.

Contact Fields

Contact fields centralize key personnel data such as a contact’s name, company, address, phone numbers, fax number, and email address.


Hyperlink and List of Hyperlinks fields let you store and launch email addresses, web sites, and related files directly from your reports.

Web Graphics

Transform reports and forms into TIFF, JPEG, and PNG graphics for posting on web pages or sending via email.

Calculation Fields

Choose from over 60 predefined functions and create custom calculations to track costs, expenses, variances, or any other values.

Work Calendar

Unlike traditional databases, Details offers a built-in Work Calendar to customize work schedules and accurately plan project tasks.

Import Monitor

This pop-up console enables you to oversee and manage the import process when importing data from other applications and files.

Choice Lists

Store custom values for each field and use Details’ pop-up or drop-down choice lists to quickly enter values into reports and forms.

Column Summaries

Track columnar values with total, average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, or count summaries.