New Features

Custom Forms  |  View Screenshot
Details’ presentation-quality custom forms add an entirely new layer to the program, enabling users to capture, track, and route project details fast and accurately. Users can create electronic replicas of traditional paper forms complete with colorful borders, logos, and graphics.

New QuickStart Templates  |  View Screenshot
Version 3 includes 70 templates spanning various industries, making it easy to get up and running quickly. Each QuickStart Template delivers a complete set of preformatted fields, reports, and forms—so all users need to do is enter project details.

Information Action Column  |  View Screenshot
Users can now view and edit all data for a specific record by using the new “i” Action Column. Available in report view, this column provides instant access to the Edit Record form—a field/value table containing every defined field in the database as well as all values for a specific record.

Form Setup View  |  View Screenshot
An entirely new design layer to the program for creating and editing presentation-quality forms. This view supplies users with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use design, drawing, and layout tools, which are grouped into organized control palettes.

FastTips™ Auto-Help Alerts
These proactive situational help tips provide guidance when creating and editing reports and forms. For the experienced user, FastTips are also dismissable.

Drawing tools  |  View Screenshot
Details supplies a suite of core drawing tools for designing colorful, custom shapes that enhance form functionality as well as presentation.

PNG Web Graphic Support  |  View Screenshot
In addition to other popular web graphic file types, users can now export Details reports and forms as PNG web graphics for broadcast over the Web.

Control Palettes  |  View Screenshot
New control palettes allow you to customize your Details workspace by displaying only those tools and controls you wish to use. Control palettes can float anywhere on screen, be docked to the perimeters of the application workspace, and be grouped with other palettes to conserve space.

Drag-and-drop fields
Users can now drag-and-drop fields directly onto forms from the Fields control palette, which contains a list of every defined field for the open Details file.

Form Properties dialog
Within this dialog, users can control global settings for the form’s attributes and appearance—including its border, background, and name. Users can even tile, stretch, or center a picture or graphic as the background for the entire form.

Straight edges, horizontal and vertical, that help users align objects when designing custom forms. Guides appear in the Form Setup view and can be locked in place.

Image tool
Add pictures to forms from a file or directly from the clipboard with this handy tool.

Grids and Rulers
Grids and rulers appear in Form Setup view and can be scaled in inches, centimeters, and pixels. Grids can also be formatted independently of one another with unique colors, patterns, and offsets.

Add/Remove Fields Panel
Saves valuable time by enabling users to quickly add or delete one or multiple fields from all existing reports.

Enhanced Support and Help Systems
New technology, topics, and AEC Software Web Help have been added to FastTrack Schedule’s comprehensive Help Systems.

Table tool
Enables users to easily add multi-value fields such as lists and logs to Forms.

Customizable Tab Ordering
Enables users to streamline data entry by customizing the tab order for a form’s fields.

Context-click formatting
Even more formatting options are available through Details’ robust context-click menus.

Enhanced cross-platform support
Enhanced cross-platform support for opening and converting files across Windows and Mac platforms.

Enhanced Tool Tips
New and improved informational tips appear when your cursor hovers over palettes, column headings, and tools.

Refined Dialog Designs
Details dialogs have a new, advanced interface.

Auto-fit Column
Users can now automatically resize columns to best-fit all data contained within a column. Auto-fit can also be used simultaneously on multiple columns.